Faith In Love

What do you say to those with little faith?
What do you say to those who lack hope when not safe?
To those who’s lives have been determined to fade only with a rose to take its place
To those you do not know, but seem to cherish.
To those who’s struggle has seemed pointless and strengh-less.
What do you say to the toughest fighter you have ever meet.
To the man who has raised you and tucked you to bed.
To the man who has hugged you and pushed you to achieve
What do you say to a man with no dreams.
With no dreams except those of black and death.
With no dreams, with no light, only suffering to take its place.
What do you say to those who you cant stair in the face.
So yet again, what can you say to those with little faith?

Thou faith may be lost, and hope seems so far.
Only belief in yourself will take you this far.
What you may ask is worth such an effort
It is LOVE…… which we have always taken for granted.
Love is the key to believing in oneself.
Love in a life not yet done but yet worth merit.
Love in those who are there for you
And love for that person who is leaving you.
Love is beyond faith or whatever you wish to believe
It is what brings us together and unites us in belief.
Those who perish are never forgotten.
They are loved, they are cherished and truly admired
Love is what brings their spirit now past,
To the same place it was before,
At your side, holding your hand.

Because you see, as hard as life is and beyond all its surprises.
There arises a human belief more moral than its own compromises
True to its word it is without a doubt the biggest and most important part of are human lives
It is the faith in are love, and the hope in a good horizon.
Whether it be in this life or the next…
Whether it be in god, Allah or any of the rest.
Whether it be in English, French or whatever tone

So to those who have lost,
To those who have cherished,
Do not spend your lives weeping in dis-merit
It is with courage and trust, that we place are own hope
In the Faith of are love, that they deservedly own.

by Antonio Perez

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