Yes! You Are Our Ma'Am!

You were like that fresh dew
which lights up the day
of that small and tender leaf
promising it of the wonderful day ahead!

You were like that fresh air
bringing with itself, a sweet charm
an aroma to behold, spreading everywhere
promising to clear all the filth away!

Dear Madam!

Yes! You are our Madam
who brightens up our day,
though being our scociology professor
yet guiding us all throughout,
more than a teacher, like a friend
sometimes joking, sometimes serious
you are our ma'am, our lovely ma'am
who promises to clear all our worries away
and gives us hope for a lovely career ahead!

We love you ma'am! Thank you for everything!

by Soumya Dash

Comments (9)

Suddenly moving, quietly powerful.
This poem seems both a statement of Victorian sexual mores and a lament over them.
A beautiful poem of love regret.....
To sow into a relationship and lose not only what you have sown but the relationship itself, is so much more palpably painful when you watch the relationships of others bearing fruit. But I will believe she was adorable with those blossoms in her hair.
The good love about the apple tree that gives sweet apples and different thoughts are interesting.
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