An Atheist Prayer

This is not a prayer but a chant
Something I should believe but won't
Some much to say but I'll cram
If you wanna convert me, don't
You had a choice that I didn't pick
This is my choice. where I stand
But I wont spit on a church for kicks
Don't deal with me if you cant understand
Try to convert me I dare you to
Embarrass yourself look like a fool
Cause believe me it won't do you good
But keep messing with me and I'll lose my cool
Stop throwing the bible in my face leave me alone
I don't have time for this get out
Trying to convert me is the lowest of the low
I'm an atheist and I'm proud
I am not gonna change, this is how I was made
I don't have time I gotta go
Say amen one more time I dare you to, I will slice your throat
Saying I wish you change but I just can't
This is not a prayer but a damn chant

by marisol agosto

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Pretty powerful, and i like the rhyming =]. When you have time i'd be grateful if you could check out a few of my poems =]. Thanks.