CY (3/10/93 / Round Rock Texas)

An Attempt Not To Regret

We lay there and you breathed in my ear.
you said I love you.
My head was so filled with air,
my heart, stuffed with confetti.
I said that I would never forget any of this.
But I never knew how it would hurt,
when it was all that I could remember,
all that I mourned upon..
this cherished memory of love, that I ruined.
I was thinking of me but
forgetting of you.
You cried too much,
and I didn't cry enough.
I thought too much,
and you didn't think enough.
You cared too much,
and I didn't care enough.
I lied too much,
and you didn't lie enough.
I pretended too much,
and so did you.
you wished to much,
and I did too.
You wanted too much,
and in a way I was the same.
you got angry too much,
and I got angry not enough.
you talked to much,
and I talked not enough.
you were sorry to much,
and I was sorry not enough,
Often I lay alone now, glaring at the sky.
and I think to myself, no one can say we
did not try.
It was an attempt... a failed attempt that is for sure.
But it is an attempt that I am glad we took together.
An attempt not to regret.

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Nicely said, I too have been there...