An Attempt To Cauterize A Conflict...

The morning came and dressed the sky in a lovely yellow gown
A pounding head accompanied twisting fickle bowels
And as I slip into composure I paste a poignant frown
On a tired countenance

Your dissapointment cut like the smoke from your teeth
As I reiterate the truth
And these bandages of disdain and pity
Only re-hash this lonely wound
'Have some respect for yourself', he said
'Anyone but him. You just spit all over your temple, you can't take back things like this'.

The elusive pain that lingered in your eyes
hid behind it's mother's dress
And as your pain met mine the truth seeped out
as tears slipped down your neck
And I over analyze your implications
like a warm resonant sound
And my hopes have become a landfill
as I push this trash into the ground

by Audrey Stephenson

Comments (1)

emptying it out and refilling a new hope is a journey well begun..cauterize cancerous wounds before they spread to the universe of your soul, , good poem as usual.