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An Attraction To Fear
( / Connecticut)

An Attraction To Fear

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Any-one. Or...
Forcibly removed,
From a natural habitat.
To then be exhibited like that,
As an attraction to fear.
And this to those conscious,
Has been made repeatedly clear.
Still will not prevent the mindless.
The ones accustomed to excuse,
A temptation of their ignorance to abuse...
Barriers or limits dedicated to present,
Anywhere, anytime to trespass anyplace.
To later make claims of their innocence.
Is a condition allowed to represent,
Those with selective mentalities.

Trapped, isolated and on display,
With a routine that will always stay...
Unchanged with invisible chains.
Is any-one Or any-thing,
Forcibly removed from a natural habitat...
To be killed like a threatening enemy.
An 'enemy' provoked yet choked,
By the atmosphere others approach.
Because of a few fools,
Choosing to believe themselves entitled.
Decide to entice and excitement they invite.
For the purpose to seek a cheap thrill.
That justifies a legalized murder.

Not once done.
When unlimited freedoms were taken away.
But twice,
With a taking away a life.
To satisfy the appetite,
Of those feeding upon their envisioned evils...
Taught to teach.
Regardless of whose peace 'they' breech.
To defend themselves and misguided beliefs.

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