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(((An Aubade)))

</></Oh such bitter sweet regret-
Comes the breaking of dawn...
'Tis much too soon, my darling
For you shall soon be gone;
The Lark 'tis surely lying to us-
How dare he herald in the morn?
Parting 'tis but bittersweet, my darling
Alas, a new sorrow, 'tis born;

Il n'est mie jors
Saverose au corps gent
Si me consent Dieus
L'aloete nos ment

It is not daylight
O sweet one with the gentle body
So God help me
The Lark lies to us

-Provencal. twelfth or thirteenth century

An Aubade is a Morning Song

By: Theodora Onken
November 5,2011>

Remembering Al and Paul Schmidt
And of course: David P.

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