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An Aussie Coastal Christmas Day

The weather temperature 31 degrees on an Aussie coastal Christmas Day
With their lunch eaten the bronzed sun worshippers on the sunlit beach do lay
Slightly hung over after drinking and partying on Christmas Eve Night
Conditions quite ideal for improving their sun tans in the warm sunlight
On Christmas day the coastal Aussies love to wine and dine
And after play beach cricket then lay in the sunshine
Bare skin exposed to the summer sun skin cancer they do not fear
The holiday making coastal Aussie's way of having fun at the end of the old year
Though both of them are good and kind on that most would agree
The coastal and bush Aussies in their ways different as can be
Over the Christmas Holidays coastal Aussies surf and play cricket with their cricket club
And later drink till closing time at their favorite local pub
After wining and dining and playing their games on an Aussie Christmas Day
Most coastal Aussies go to the beach and in the sunshine lay.

by Francis Duggan

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