Native Slaughter

White man arrived uninvited
Guns making it easy
Like a swarm of locusts
Devouring everything

Our braves fought
Arrows against guns
Braves fell villages burnt
Women and children slaughtered

Rounded up like cattle
Herded onto wasteland
By government bigots
Who didn't give a damn

Their dignity taken
Leaving broken men
No reason to live
The spirits were calling

Years of this brutality
Anger of generations
Hatred and despair
Causing a human explosion

by Phil Smith

Comments (6)

The best I've read from you thus far, Melissa. Demonstrates a high level of maturity and wisdom.
Really, really, really great poem, great flow, and really good idea! kev
Melissa - a wonderful poem and a lovely flow of language. I lookd forward to reading more of your poems Terry
God didnt promise Days without Pain Laughter without Sorrow and Sun without Rain But He did promise Stregnth for the Day Comfort for the Tears and Light for the Way.. Hi you make a good poem, with great visions and shadow of life, wish for best
Realy it is great poem from any asspect, i can't say nothing more.keep it up!
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