Please Be With Me

Come and join me dear and we'll hold each other so close,
please be with me forever my sweet lady I love.
I want to be with you and share my whole life,
something I won't do with another soul in this world.
I only trust you to see behind these walls of defense.

Come hold my hand and spend eternity with me,
we will live in bliss being content and filled with peace.
I cannot imagine my existence without you in it,
I deeply want you by my side and so deeply need it.
It's indescribable all these feelings you give me,
I wish you could experience them even if for just a second.

Please be with me sweet lady and spend our whole lives,
walk hand in hand everyday side by side.
Our love is so deep and the greatest truth that I know
please be with me forever you're the greatest woman on earth.
I would give everything to be with you my love.

Kira sweet love I so want you as my wife,
to spend eternity with you is everything I
long for dream and strive,
to spend every day with you would be the greatest thing,
so deeply fulfilling with epic meaning,
I love you sweet lady I treasure,
please come be with me forever.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (6)

The best I've read from you thus far, Melissa. Demonstrates a high level of maturity and wisdom.
Really, really, really great poem, great flow, and really good idea! kev
Melissa - a wonderful poem and a lovely flow of language. I lookd forward to reading more of your poems Terry
God didnt promise Days without Pain Laughter without Sorrow and Sun without Rain But He did promise Stregnth for the Day Comfort for the Tears and Light for the Way.. Hi you make a good poem, with great visions and shadow of life, wish for best
Realy it is great poem from any asspect, i can't say nothing more.keep it up!
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