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An Awesome Fling
AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)

An Awesome Fling

Well I think I figured out
Why I did what I had done
He seemed so great with people
I know I was overwon

The sex was so much better
Than I had had it in years
Now that I know just what I want
I am, so to speak, switching gears

The man I want right now
Has a body that's oh so tight
That sweet, quiet voice just turns me on
And the mutual attraction seems just right

I think I'll hold this one
Just for a little bit
It it so comfortable between us
It'll probably be hard to quit

But he won't be here much longer
So I'll have as much fun as I can
He's quiet, shy, and sexy as hell
He's also a cuddling kind of man

He's great with my kids
They run to give him a hug
My baby called him daddy
And all he did was shrug

No man could handle
All of the luggage I would bring
I'll just sit back and enjoy
This particular, awesome, fling!


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Comments (2)

Excellant poem Angelique! This may sound cliche, but real men dont sweat the baggage.
Yes.Reading too much.You have to decide what you need, sex or love or both.But How long you will search for both together to come as a package in a man?