Lost Complaint

The day was fine and sunny
And there i was on my balcony
Smoking my favourite ciggy
As i listened to a symphony.
Happiness seemed to be all around
Joy was in the air
Like it had no bounds.
Suddenly my eyes fell on my neighbours brand new car
Then there was my old bike a little distance afar.
Grumpiness and jealousy now crept inside of me
My smile was lost as also my glee.
Cudnt help complaining..My neighbours so well-off.
Then why am i victim of God's scoff? ?
My eyes caught something on the road
It was bustling with traffic in loads.
There in the middle was a man
He was pulling a cart full of metal cans.
He seemed to have crossed his retirement age
Maybe he was pulling the cart just to earn his daily wage.
He seemed hungry....his stomach was stuck to his spine
Cudnt help askin God..'How can you be so unkind.? '
The man's legs seemed to be shaking
I felt like his bones were cracking.
The man seemed like he didnt desire any material comfort
Yet was pulling the cart with all his efforts.
I asked myself..'Why do i whine? '
I know my life is better than him a million times
That poor man had cleared my doubt
Wondered wat i was complaining all about.

by Ashish Ram

Comments (2)

Cool use of words - mash the air
The literal 'quiet after the storm'....