AR (9.1.1973 / BURDWAN)

An Awkward Feeling

In the centre of the large city the statue of the Happy Prince is erected on the higher pedestal
With the little swallow perching on its shoulder,
I watch them in amazement,
As they are completely different from the famous story that I have known in my heart;
It is clearly evident that the prince's heart does not cry for the poor and the sick,
Rather he remains firm with a selfish and reckless attitude.
His ugly eyes with faded sapphires do not reveal any sense of compassion or kindness for the sufferers whatsoever,
I am ashamed to mention the little migratory swallow,
Who seems to have no intention to listen to the prince,
As if he always wants to flee farther and farther denying the Happy Prince,
They are completely alien to each other,
No bond of affection and gratitude is visible in this scene.
What an ignominy!
"Swallow....swallow....little swallow! "is strictly hard to imagine here,
It falls into oblivion.
"Is there anybody there? "I cried out emotionally,
"Please, listen to me,
Bring the awkward statue down,
It's grossly a different one,
It's the strange prince and swallow of this severe time by the awkward hand.
Please, erect another one perfectly loving and animated
Which does match with our real sense of it,
That we have read and known in the wonderful book written once."


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