An Awkward Lover's Reunion

So, wet met-
in the very last place
either of us would ever
want to be seen:
Right in the midst of modern industry.
And in mid-sentence
Abrupt- I sensed him
like a subtle scent
sitting softly on the wind.
Yes, I knew it was him.
From the deep wide-eyed stare
of unblinking magnified eyes
And the funny fashion of his hair
reflecting all of those insecure lies.
Stopping where i stood
just to get a better look
at the once-lover i once forsook.
But all i see are the memories
of all he used to be
to the other me.
The boyishly beautiful quality
of new testosterone and acne
in awkward adolescence
where somehow mohawks are 'trendy'.
An engagement ring
pierced through passionate
wet woman's lips
so much softer than even silk is.
by metal restrictions
and cruel convictions.
Ears lined with orbital entries
those i haven't whispered into
in centries
and feel you shiver
and quietly quiver
...beneath the covers...
A deer in headlights look
you looked
like you were shaking
where you stood.
And i peered into him
but never past his heavy lids-
those once-warm wooden windows
Cold, withered widows
Absent of soul.
But somehow-
somewhere in time
i thought he made me whole.
Only for a second,
I swam in his stare
just to see how much
still lived or lingered there.
And i saw everything
in that grinning grievous glare
all of that stifled love
and self-corrupted care.
But no matter how much we try
it's so hard to hide
the part of ourselves we shove aside
since that is all behind
us now...
I remember
I thought that you had really died
and despite severed and newer ties
know that i did cry-
just like you left me
for the second time.
And right there-
I almost shed a tear:
I hadn't seen you in one whole year
and the last time i ended up in your bed
As we always did.
I wanted to smile,
maybe talk for a while
Something maybe everything-
But i just couldn't think
so with one wink of a lazy eye
i dashed off w/o a hello or goodbye
and we went our ways
but in silence
we knew we stayed
and saved
at least one memory in our hearts
from that one empty encounter
and quick deliberate depart.

by Elizabeth Jordan Heinbuch

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