An E-Mail/Poem

I was going to write you a letter,
But then decided to write you a book.
I thought about maybe an e-mail,
But that just wouldn't work.

I tried to write the book about the feelings I have for you,
But then it proved too long,
And that just wouldn't do.

I sat there thinking about a poem,
One that would be short and concise,
Though it's impossible to describe,
How you make me feel inside.

When I saw your number upon my cell,
I stopped for a moment's time,
I thought about that poem,
And figured out the perfect rhyme.

It goes something like this,
It's not hard to remember or say,
The next time we meet,
I hope you will remember me this way:

I loved you and needed you,
But you didn't love or need me back,
I thought I was the one for you,
But now I wish you to die of a heart attack.

Harsh? Of course!
That's what this is meant to be,
The next time I see you with your new girl,
I hope to God someone blinds me.

I can't take this pain,
Yet, I won't erode away because of my tears,
One day I'll see you walk by,
And I'll then let go of my fears.

How? You ask how?
I'll smile when you say 'Hey, '
Then when you stop to make petty conversation,
I'll smack you as hard as I can,
And then just walk away.

At my last word,
When I was through,
I pushed the send button,
And I had then decided,
An e-mail/poem would perfectly do.

by Alexandria Hazel

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