( / Hull, East Yorkshire, England)

An Early Morning In Winter

Still dark outside at six a.m.
And all asleep save me. I see
The fire’s still in but just a glow
So I must go and fetch some coal.
The door creaks open to the world
So cold and crackly under the stars,
A bright full moon and a few white clouds
Faintly seen. Meanwhile out there
Somewhere, two fields away, the sea
Growls and mutters to itself,
Impatient for the sun’s return.

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This is so inviting that I want put on a jacket and go there now. How perfecty comforting and flawlessly constructed.
What a beautifully comforting poem Peter! All your images just give me such a sense of comfort, a real homey feel. I love the though of you waking early and building up the fire for the rest of your family that is still asleep....such a tender look at the protector of the family. I love this poem. sincerely, Mary
You did it again Peter. This is another beautiful master piece. You are a real poet and i really enjoyed reading this one. Peace.
Awwwww Pete, you old insomniac you! As usual, a lovely piece of work. I have come to expect nothing less of you now. This left me with warm fuzzy feelings. Particularly liked 'the sea growls and mutters to itself'. Great stuff Gyp's
Another of your 'lovelies' Peter', your words paint such a picture in one's mind. Truly super write. Loved it. Love Ernestine XXX
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