An Easier Way

Lay awake and listen to nothing
What a loud silence it’s like I can’t hear
Hard breath soaking up regret
The cool air doesn’t bring relief
The cool feeling of hatred doesn’t feel reducing
Lips closed and dried where they meet
Eyes stare up close to the ceiling
It’s the realizing you were wrong
It’s the reality of your fate
It’s the pain that eats at you every waking moment
It’s the regret that turns to shame
It’s the anger you don’t have
It’s the moments, they add up fast
The past you can’t forget
The people you can’t forgive
The family you ignored
And the friends you laughed at
You wonder why you can’t sleep
Maybe if you treated people with dignity
You killed with out really feeling
You have no passion
You are worthless and you don’t care
You live life like you were dared
You don’t have to breathe this free air
You can kiss deaths face
I won’t hurt much
Cause sleepless nights are only the beginning
Much less disgrace just bow out now
It’s much easier when you don’t lose face…
The way your life will play out
Death will just be the easy way

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