An Easy Mistake To Make...

'O Autumn mist! O solemn shroud! O cloud that walks the Earth!
Please hide the sins God disallowed that haunt me from my birth!
Come freeze them hard, come melt them down, come bear them all away!
Forbid them not to make God frown upon His Judgement Day!
Approach me now, encroach my heart, my spirit and my soul -
That with my sins you may depart that I may find parole!
Let guilts diminish one by one, evaporate from sight
And once the healing has begun, leave me all sparkling white! '
'Forgive me, human, if you will! I cannot bring release!
You need God's Son on Calvary's Hill! His Blood will grant you peace!
What sacrifice could I convey to match the Saviour's Blood?
Believe in Jesus Christ today! Have faith and trust in God! '
'O mighty mist, your words are true! Lord Jesus died for me! '
'I'm glad you're saved! May God bless you! God's Love's no mystery! '

by Denis Martindale

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