An Elegy

I’ll miss your innocence;
the way you danced
by moonlight,
without a song,
down St. Charles Avenue,
whispering into the night,
tracing your fingertips
on the trunks of trees
as you moved pass them,
your arms outstretched,
like wings,
balancing you,
giving you flight;

I’ll dream of your baptism,
when you were immersed
within transient waves of jazz;
the way you floated
down the River Walk
on its notes,
how you, and the waves
of the Mississippi,
moved synchronously
in that spring air;

I’ll miss the glow
of your white satin dress
at midnight,
the curve of your figure
and your smile in a seamless tandem,
your eyes reflecting
the moon;
how your Southern gentility
charmed new souls
with just a glance,
they fell in love with you,
as did I.

Copyright 2005 Larry J. Knight, Jr.

by Larry J. Knight, Jr.

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