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Like Fire And Water
CA Chukuemeka Akpe (January 02,1962 / Lagos, Nigeria)

Like Fire And Water

Like fire and water we are
Alive when alone and apart
Together we are nothing
Create nothing but nothing

But once, Love wryly spoke
As if nature were a joke:
“Life and light will emerge
When water and fire merge
Unite in my name and I’ll be your third
I’ll lead the way to the promised world.”

Come beloved
For love’s sake, come
Hurt me and let me hurt you
Burn me and let me drown you
Embrace me till we’re nothing,
But one.

And then we rise
High with love
High like love
High on love
To the realm of bliss
Baptize me with a kiss
I’ll bless you with more
In the name of passion
And joy
And the holy love.

Fire and water we are
But in love
And so, water ignites fire
And so, Fire dives in water
And there is life and light
Love laughs with pride
And the world kneels and sighs.

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I admire your command of the language and your ability to juxtapose contrasting elements. I am not a great fan of free form being an old fashioned rhymster But having read several of your poems I shall be back to read more as time permits ivor
This deep lament echoes in the reader's heart.
very exciting...a broken chain lamented its missing link! !
very exciting...a broken chain lamented its missing link