An Elephant's Big Room

An elephant is said to own
a room inside his funnybone,
it's where his memories are stored
from which he draws when he gets bored.

As elephants are big in size
it does not come as a surprise
that this small room is more a hall
where incidents are standing tall,
anticipating eagerly

in Schadenfreude and with glee,
the time when grudges do converge
and give an elephant the urge
to raise his trunk in agitation,
announcing utter devastation.

You ask what could be done about it
since elephants can't do without it?
I think you could, with the right broom
sweep out the elephant's big room.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

This one is pure fun and I'd love to see it illustrated within your very own Children's Book of Verse.. I'm sure I'll find many more to sit within the collection.. only 3500++ more to look through to find the rest of the treasures... aroha Dxx
A delightful ryhming piece Herbert...