An Embarrassing Moment (Limerick)

There once was a priest from the Vatican,
Who bumped into a life-sized mannequin.
When he found that her pose,
Was wearing no clothes,
Said "Excuse me" to avoid a happenin'.

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (4)

Ha ha naked mannequins and the dumb priest thought they were alive or what ha ha. Fantastic limerick and my u r good at them all. Thumbs up. So Nice to read from your pen again, I hope u too will review my latest poem titled, 'For all cheese chums'
Your youthful experience was funny! And your poem is, too!
Ah, the lost innocence of youth! Those good old days are gone forever. An entertaining poem.
A real life incident transposed in Vatican setting. That's so lovely and funny. Thanks.