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An Emotional Epiphany
PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)

An Emotional Epiphany

Poem By Punk Nona

White cotton panties
scarf around her neck-
there's a bit of mystery there
that he no longer wants
to see too big to admit
too vague to communicate it
she's sitting alone
in a bar downtown
because the fun and games are over.
They said they didn't want it.
They said it was all just
to waste some
for her to get it
together and leave do it
right maybe
this time it'll be
worth something more
than he could ever
see in her.
Too late she's done for
the day
end doesn't
compare past influences with a monumental moment
time to go on.
It was all a waste of time.
She drew in
a breathe
a remembrance
of his scent and
his baneful
look it wasn't meant to be
anything but a common compliance
with sin and love
just kinda got in
a way of things
that could never truly
be said
to him
to her
it was all or nothing
more than fun and games
never played the way
they should have been played.
And she's feeling weak
to the temptations of
what he gives her
so good
now must be
stronger and forget inside
it all packed up
leave for a while
so she can re-evaluate
and be a better woman
who forgets
bar room brawls
and the look in his eyes
when he's so deep inside her
conscience and
doesn't want to go
it any further than
what they have cannot
be defined by a single acronym
in a book
with defeat
it's not what they want
to share
with the world
Bit her lip
she just wants to be

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u write gud n ders nice pain in ur poems kee goin cheers! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !