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An Empty Heart
SN ( / midwest, usa)

An Empty Heart

an empty heart, doesnt care
an empty heart has, no love to share

an empty heart, is a lonely one
an empty heart, is like a stone

an empty heart, has no compassion
an empty heart, cannot get satisfaction

an empty heart, cannot cry
an empty heart, might as well die

an empty heart, is so sad
my hearts not empty,
and im glad

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Comments (8)

A lovely poem, sad but all too often true. congratulations, you're able to put your feelings into words.
No one has an empty heart
I've known a few people with the empty heart you speak of..and it is sad. So glad it's not you also. AIAB
Your poem is so true! I can't help it Sandy, I'm in education so here it goes.. a empty heart is incorrect- it should say an empty heart-other than that-your poem expresses love. Keep writing girl! let your soul speak!
Sandy this is a very good write. Describes perfectly how one who can't love or never to be satisfied for their heart is empty-they have no heart. I am like you in this-that I am glad I don't have an empty heart.
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