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An Empty Heart
ECM ( / Shelburne, Vermont, USA)

An Empty Heart

Poem By Eileen C. Moulton

An empty heart, an empty space
waiting for Jesus and His grace.
Waiting and wondering--not knowing what
it was waiting for--that empty heart.
Then Jesus came and filled the space
that was waiting for His love and grace.
Now a grateful heart praises God above
for His Son, Jesus, and His love.
Could It Be? Could it be the angels
flying softly through the trees
making the leaves to flutter
and stirring a gentle breeze?
Could it be God's hand of love
that reaches far and wide
touching everything He sees
across the countryside,
changing all the colors
of the flowers and the trees
to bright orange, gold and red
from pink and blues and greens?
Could it be His love for us
that gives our hearts a song to sing
as we look upon a newborn babe,
a tiny flower, a bird on the wing?
Could it be His heart of love
calling out to you and me
from angel wings and birds that sing?
Could it be?

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