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An Empty Space

An Empty Space

Poem By Jemarie Ragudo

He waits for me
Like royalty
Each day when
I get home
His wagging tail
And endless barks
A pledge of
His affection
And when his age
Has made it hard
For him to
Move around
He still waits
In that tiny space
In front of
Our main door
And even as
He lost his sight
He waits for
My return
He knows that
When the mistress comes
She’ll hug him
All the more
Now of course
That he is gone
I stay at work
Much longer
The house is big
And far too empty
Without him
At the door

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Comments (13)

I could really rely on this one...cause i know how its feel to have an empty space...since my wife died its not same anymore. thanks for sharing
Great free verse, lovely emotional thought. Our animals are really part of our families. Funny how no one says “You must get another, ” when we lose a child; yet think it appropriate when we lose a pet. Adeline
Very touching. A dog certainly offers a lot, not as much as a cat which we have, but we would not have it otherwise for now. We did have a dog once. Not glad that you find youself working longer. Hope you get another dog soon.
Unconditional love is a rarity to be cherished M Lady The empty space left by the loss of an old friend is very hard to refill. friends advise get another pup but do not really understand how deep is your sense of loss
My two English Mastiffs are my biggest supporters. Always, are they faithful... they give so much for so little. A great tribute to Mans Best Friend.