An Empty Space For Something To Move Within

nothing overflows this time.,
i see them all for what they were.
no longer naive,
i can hold it all,
i am no child anymore.

and i, the surest bet ever to be had,
am even more than sure.
i am the stationary one.
i am the strong one.
and another couple fish is all we were.

you dissipate...
the echo i listen to
in between busy moments.
filling the silence.

i can drown it out.

i say in control and with certainty,
another will come this way,
i have no doubt.

so cover marks i've scratched across,
the loneliness doesn't scream that loud.
as you drown me out,
i know there are other fish in this sea,
with a feeling to come back around.

by Kitty Marie Lucas

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