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An Enchanting Sunrise And Sunset

enchanting sunrises and sunsets
capture my heart and soul

Is one more breathtaking than the other?
no, I don't think so
as both entice and suffice

truly, I feel both are uniquely beautiful
and so breathtaking
yet, my favorite is a sunrise

Come let's see peeping above the horizon
a divine beauty to behold
a sunrise so glorious

with heavenly sunrays
and caressing the sky

vanquishes the darkness
as only sunrays know how

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Sweet like a sunshine, this flows majestically, its vibrant and colourful just like a sunset or in your case sunrise, reminds me of this little area behind my house where there is this mouse stream and when the sunsets the colours vibrate on the water in purples and oranges. definitely an a beauty. Thank you so much for sharing this one.
A lovely and sweet summer poem.
i can hear this jewel with music in the background