An Enclave

Poem By Sandra Fowler

I leave you my abbreviated dusk,
A patch of blue upon a distant hill.
Fog fingers write my feelings on the glass.
Those urgent words once set the bones alight.

Friend, let that once be powerful enough
To hold time's shadow to its measurement.
West's fated slant across a million roofs
Creates an enclave worthy of itself.

Previously published, 'The International Library Of Poetry'

Comments about An Enclave

Always different... always captivating... always excellent... and of course, always Sandra!
does time's shadow have a measurement? will you find out & let me know. abbreviated dusk. fog fingers. kisskiss. sjg
This beautiful poem taps our memories and captures a treasured mood that escapes our total comprehension. Very much an enclave.
A truly beautiful poem that opens the mind.
Awesome! I enjoyed reading this poem.

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