NIS (4 September 1915 - 14 April 2005 / Youngstown, Ohio)

An End Steadfastly Approaches

The sun descends as though it bade farewell
The night comes on - How dark? - How close!
Heat lightning rims the black far
mountains as we pause, blackening our path!
No flickering fireflies fly up like sparks tonight

They are gone away with the quicksilver salamanders

We walk to the sound
of foot steps on gravel
In the empty air wordless and unknowing
No peeper peeps - nor breeze blows
Nothing astray in the wet grass alas
Nothing tells us except the fireflies and the salamander
There will be no stars again for us
No moon and no tomorrow

The brook that ran laughingly
In the summer meadow
Will not again flash
Nor the salamander dart
In the sunlight to it's crevice
Nor the fiery heart
Hid in the opal
Suddenly appear
Nor your smile cleave the dusk

Thus our final walk together

And beyond nothing- nothing beyond at all

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Images that have used to great effect. Thanks.
Excellent use of words to produce immagery, A pleasure to read, Isabelle