African Lady

African lady!
Walking around with the muse of love;
As the contours of her beauty reflects the rays of the sun.

African lady!
With the muse of love to share with you;
So, come to Africa and meet her beauty.

African lady!
With respect and, with the muse of love;
As seen in various lands of Africa with beautiful colours around her.

The muse of Africa!
With the sweet love of the African lady;
However, visit Africa to see the beauty of her beautiful colours.

The muse of life and joy!
With the muse of the colours of Africa;
But, let the African lady entertain your mind with the sweet muse of her love.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (9)

cries, crisis, endless..................................... Full stop. Tis provoking thoughts to drown in.... aroha Dxx
Starts out with a beautiful picture and setting. A very pleasant rhyming of words. I have not read many of your poems yet, but of those I have, it seems you tease us with more to think about at the end.
Very nice sad sentimental poem!
You write mushy stuff? Never would have thought you had it in you, but I haven't read all your poems yet. So you do have a heart after all. I can see I have some really good competition here.
Beautiful but very sad write. There should have been someone. I enjoyed to read it very much. ~JD~
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