An Ending That Has Yet To Come Or Change

for that time, for that moment
i forgot the pain with in
my mind shut off completely
there were goose bumps on my skin.
you said it, i heard it
you're really proud of me
my life felt so right
i heard you say believe
i think about that day
so many moons ago
you said I had a choice
i could stay or i could go
my mind was made up
i would leave that coming night
but then you said those words
the ones that blew my mind
usually i'm proud, i know right where i'm going
but that minute stopped it all
my trust in you was growing.
i felt my heart close up
the pieces together again
i felt my body relax
the searing pain was near an end.
i saw you more
we spent some time
you called me everyday
but then you changed to your oldself
you threw my love away.
the moral of this fable
only time can tell
because since you gave up loving me
theres a lot more of me you've killed.

by Desiree Whitamore

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