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An Ending Untrue
WS (June 1,1991 / Richmond hill)

An Ending Untrue

Poem By Wandering Scarlet

she cries as the world flips upside down
the sky narrows, as the gravity fails
trees rot, as the sun begins to frown
we fly off the face of the earth,
like dead weight we fall
drowning in clouds of glory
tortured in the face of purgatory
stripped of our clothes, we wear no mask
reshaping our face, an eternal task
time and gravity, non existent
nowhere to fall, nowhere to fly
safe to say, were all about to die
falling into different places, we are all alone
we try to hold each other tight
but once again we fall to glory's might
forever till the end of eternity
we hope in vanity
praise to a false entity

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Comments (2)

Ha, I may be making an assumption here, but I think its a reasonable one. Like I, you are an Atheist. Also, this time I tried to just let the rhyme be, neither good nor, bad, and just read the poem, and I think it was a lot better this way. What you said was good and worth saying, worth contemplating.
An interesting mix of religious images peppers this surrealistic piece that seems to come from a place of disillusion - where the line between the real and the hallucinatory becomes blurred. Drugs perhaps? You certainly have expressed a powerful emotional voice. love, Allie xxxx