A Bee

A bee
staggers out
of the peony.

Translated by Robert Hass

by Matsuo Basho

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Title of this poem is a mystery poem is coded with wonderful lines. Many reviewers have given their feedback and Frank Avon has tried reveal the mystery behind. This poem is very wonderful poem...10
I read that this poem has an anagram in it of the name Sarah Anna Lewis (also known as Stella) . She was an poet whose husband paid Poe $100 to write a review of her work. He did but he also told friends that Lewis was a fat, gaudily-dressed woman. I am still looking for the anagram- -maybe that is why this poem is titled An Enigma.
Seldom we find, says Solomon Don Dunce, well done by Edgar Allan Poe
Muse! ! Concealed within. Thanks for sharing.
It feels like one of the writer's mystery tales with the only difference that here the reader does not have a solution. I am jealous of those who find it 'excellent'.
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