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An Entreaty To Eos
ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

An Entreaty To Eos

From The Sea of Io, whence came Her wiles
I call to my love Eos
I am Cephalus on my isle
I see Her light of Helius

Eos, born of Theia fair
Sired by Titan Hyperion
Sun Titaness, saffron robe She wears
Rosy fingers, The Dactyls smile on

In east She rises, with I, Dawn`s Wind
As Astreus I kiss Her cheek
At eventide our love bedims
In west, She sets so meek

Benighted woe besets my heart
I tarry `til the dawn
For my spirit soul seems rent apart
How can I carry on?

Behold! In sky of eastward fair
My Eos hath returned
My Hemera; Muse o` golden hair
Doth greet my wish so yearned

From our sempiternal love comes forth
A child, from realms afar
From House Of Tethys, in Her court
We create The Morning Star

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