An Epistle

Poem By Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyaya

They taught to pray to God

When I was less than five

I prayed to God

to take away my life

Since then I have prayed to him

now and then

to kill me

I am 65 now

Readers I assure you

God if any is surely Deaf

Hence let us live

as long as we have to

with a heigh ho and heigh nonino

I am at the station

But the train is late

the train that should carry me away

from market ridden spaceship

to somewhere
where I do not know

The apsaras

generated by Thai classical dance

might take me in their wings

to a different galaxy

in a different universe

But they donot hover in the skies

If the train is not there

let us wait for them

to swoop upon the earth

Life is a long waiting

Waiting and waiting

Better enter into the tavern
at the station

and drink and smoke
Have a lot of grapes

That is received Lucretious

or Omar Khayyam

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eye-opening....a journey through the inevitable element of life

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