You Loved Me!

For the first moment I saw you,
What I saw felt untrue,
I walked further,
And closer,
You said Hi!
I said What A Guy!
You smiled,
I smiled,
We soon became friends,
Almost best friends!
One day, you told me you had to leave,
Something that was impossible to believe,
You were'nt lying,
I started crying!
You left,
A million tears I wept,
The truth that I didn't want to accept,
I didn't have the courage to tell you,
But, for once, I told you,
How deeply I loved you,
You loved me too,
But, you didn't expect me to say yahoo,
You turned back,
Like a boomerang it came back,
'I love you too',
I froze like an igloo,
You ran and hugged me,
Kissed me,
And told me,
You loved me..........

by Sherbanu Molu

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She summ'd her life up every day; Modest as morn, as mid-day bright, Gentle as evening, cool as night: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -sounded like a significant life to me... it was lived according to her choices