An Epitaph To A Broken Heart.

Take heed a tortured heart to heal
Scarred and bruised like orange peel
Worn, now empty cast aside
Like so much flotsam on the tide

by Graham Jones Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Pain hurts, doesen't it?
Graham - How well I understand, and how well you put it into words......Love it! Linda
beautiful poem, .. keep up the good work. x
Another lovely flowing poem, a lovely read as well. I loved it very much. Love Ernestine XXX Just thought I would mention that 'epitath' needs to be corrected to 'epitaph'. You can eidt it on the edit your poems page. Hope you don't mind me mentioning this. Love E.
I liked this very much Graham....I think you've described this feeling that most of us have experienced beautifully. Sincerely, Mary
Very nicely done. The sequence was tight with well arranged descriptions of emotion. Be encouraged to continue sharing. Thanks.