LB (June 15,1947 / Texas)

An Era Of Elegance

She lived in a era of elegance
with heart kind and pure.
Demeanor sweet, timid and demure
her happiness was assured.
Protected from the outside world
she was a beloved young girl.
A little bird kept in a gilded cage
living life on the society page.

Passed from father to husband
like merchandise to be sold.
Never asked about her feelings
no wonder her heart grew cold.

Society never saw her true face
they only saw a woman of grace.
Never should the name be shamed
she learned well to play that game.

Life turned a blind eye, I fear
no one saw the many tears.
Nor the lonliness through the years
sadness reigned, no one cared.

Empty, unloved and alone she died
the social page showed no shame.
In elegance she played their game
even in death she graced the name.

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What a lovely write here Rita, the 'faces' that people put on to be in the right 'swim' of things. A bit like my poem 'Unbrellas in the Rain' you never know what's going on in other peoples lives. Lovely read. Love Ernestine XXX