An Error-Human

To err is human
To forget is inhuman
To remember is bless
It is nice if you confess

Nothing changes until we do
Nothing is solved until we go through
No creation until we fall apart
No faire until we have good start

Nothing can be built in a day
Soul searching to find the way
Resign to conscious and rise
Never to react and we wise

What we can receiver from others?
Worries and tension which may all the time bother
Can we play a part of deceiver?
Will our faith shake and body shiver?

If answer is emphatic “no” then just wait
Don’t waste time and wait for fate
It will be then inadvisable to become late
Change completely before they start to hate

Simple and short but not too short or too long
Correction in time before going wrong
Stay among all but like lotus in pond
It is exactly what we like and want

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (2)

To err is human and to forget is divine. This is taken as inhuman to fit in with the modern time when the error is covered like ash covering the burning charcoal.
Again you are at best in delivering positive vibes.. quite inspirational.. thank you! Please read mine 'Spring Haikus'