An Erstwhile Colonial French Town!

Like all roads led to Rome once, all roads lead to beach
In this cosmopolitan town with Indian and French cultures
Being followed by all people to celebrate all functions!

This is the unique place for all tourists to meet ever;
This is the best place for all local friends to meet..;
This is the rendezvous for lovers too forever and ever!

What a fun to see the waves of sea aligning with mind so!
A time spent here never seems to be erased from he mind;
Heart completely satisfied here, no place seems to be best!

Such is the wonder of this European type erstwhile colonial
French town of India which is historically famous since
A long time satisfying all tourists all over the world sure!

All spiritualists along with tourists of world and local
People mingle here reminding the dream of one world family!

by Ramesh T A

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