An Escape

The moments of passing time
Energy filling up a room
Laughter killing the silence
But, it's a cold silence that it broke
It's the whole world at toll
Pay the price to pass
Pay the price but, you can't pay with cash
Pay the price it's your life
Cause there are somethings you can't buy
Go with the flow
Get on your knees beg to me please
Anger isn't the fee
No one will know your shame like me
I know all the crimes you commit
I know the danger of your sins
I know the people you treated with hate
And to this date you live without a mate
Because all you pain will belate
Struggles that build
And this will be where you fall
Face imprinted into the ground
And foot steps a trail embeded to your body
I'll take your soul
Lift it onto my shoulders
Great huge boulders
And when we pass through that gate
Once again your fears will belate
Because heaven is the best escape

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Rich and captivating again, Vic. Power to you! Warmly, Gina.