KK (09 Jan / Chennai)

An Eternal Day

It was a somber milieu and the time was still
With a bleak heart I was spending that eternal day
Lost in my own train of thoughts
The train moving backwards at a sluggish pace
Numerous stations in this inimitable journey
The train halted at each and every station
Familiar faces, pleasurable experiences and disastrous moments
Flashed before my eyes at a rapid stride
The journey continued towards the next destination
Revisiting my life in reverse chronological order
My fellow passengers accompanying me
They got down when it was their turn
Finally I reached my expected destination
I found myself at the place where I started
I was utterly confounded by this bizarre expedition
Then the miasma vanished slowly and I came back to the present
I looked at the clock, at last it was going to be the end of the long eternal day

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So much creativity and imagination here. Loved it absolutely. Revisiting my life in reverse chronological order So impressive!