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An Eternity In Leaps And Bounds
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

An Eternity In Leaps And Bounds

Poem By David Lacey

Profanities, obscenities, with insanity beckoning us in the night
I don’t get any time to call my own,
I Don’t get any peace so far from home
And I've got a feeling I won’t get find any pleasure
Seeking hidden treasures
In the nightmares of this town.

Dreams upon the horizon lie out of reach for a while
Sit back with a smile, blaze away the days. Up in smoke
Let the tokers joke, let them try and catch the breeze,
It’s not as easy as they’d have you believe.

Trying to conceive some shattered form of reality,
It makes no sense to me.

Peering into the distance growing between our forms,
Into the eye of the sun
And down on my knees before you now
Your turning me away.

Ride a wave of passion until you crash upon the shore
What more could you ask for
Than eternal bliss
This you’ve got to ask yourself
Would you miss the blues
Would you be able to see it though with nothing to compare your happiness to?

What is there that lays beyond our reach,
High up in the skies?
Pondering as bloodshot eyes keep me hiding from the dawn,
The light of day can ease my troubles; take away the pain by morning due,
As we watch the rain dance upon the pavement

You look at me, I look at you
Tomorrow never knows
What dreams lay unwoven, untold.

Let the page turn, the story unfold.

Come let’s get together, one more time to see it though.
Another way to blue and back again for you my friend.
Before the rain can reflect the rainbow lost in an instant.
As we find ourselves passing on by the days wishing away the hours,
You’ll have no one to blame when the final grain has rested in its place
Or so they say just never to my face.

Will you hold on to faith as the void beckons you to burning point?

Suppress the memories that keep you sane
Unleash the daemon; tear away this veil draped upon this reality of yours

Into nightshade, shadows play
As angels dance the streets by day

Over and over I’ve ran it though in my mind,
The answers so hard to find when the question lies unset.

What meaning is there to be found, if not appreciation of the will to question.

An Eternity in leaps and bounds.
A future lay ungrounded as unfounded visions
Of a reality surreal peel,
Build me up to break me down.
Around around the tearful clown turns
With worries left in the shadows,
As we stride into the light of day

If only to find a new way to say I love you.

Reinvent the ways to blue and back again
To see it all go round in again in circles for all time

An eternity in leaps and bounds
Here I lay broken, unfound, sound of mind, succumbed to numbness,
At peace with faith as dreams tear vivid passageways into the blanket of the starry sky.

The midnight hour approaches,
Throw caution to the wind and dance the night away.

Up in smoke with nothing to say,
Maybe I’ve been smoking too long
Reinvent the ways to blue and back again
To see it all go round in again in circles for all time
It won’t be long, enjoy the ride, smile and realize
You can’t push back the tides in your stride.

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