Reason To Smile

There are so many trials all futile
Banish the sad effects for a while
We don't have to go far a mile
To search a cause for a sunny smile.

Our endeavours focus at our comfort
Hardly we give a second's thought
If we can invest in a small effort
That can help the needy and support

All are here as a traveller alone
This journey is short and stupid
Work not to grow eternally forlone
Don't ever cheat to become a felon

If our actions can make someone happy
Do it right now till the last breath
See none is hurt or reach calamity
Vow to only spread love and harmony
One has to take this responsibility
Why can't it start with your ability?

by Soumita Sarkar Ray

Comments (2)

Artwork. Loved it! It has the influence of haiku, but is of MacLeish's own style. Incredible.
I enjoyed 'An Eternity, ' because I found it to be reminiscent of the way I perceived life in my youth. Like the 'wind in the grass, ' I to ran through life. The theme of 'An Eternity' is 'The Nature of Youth.' Thank you for the opportunity to read this interesting work of art.