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An Eulogy For The Man That Cared
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An Eulogy For The Man That Cared

Poem By Shiloh Thompson

Pictures say more than a thousand words,
Agony etched in every line of my soul,
With every snapshot, another piece of me dies,
Time not healing, only causing more pain.

Carrying a piece of him with me always,
So close to my heart, my one-time true love,
A star football player and the town princess,
So stereotypical, yet so perfect together.

The first awkward kiss shared under the stars,
So perfect because of it's innocence,
Taking my breath away with the simplicity,
Forever the most beautiful moment of my life.

That first fight, so silly and immature,
How I went to sleep sick and angry,
But waking up to the telephone ringing,
An apology healing all those wounds.

A wounded heart from loves forcefully lost,
Sobbing uncontrollably on a steadfast shoulder,
My fears of rejection swept away by loving eyes,
Remaining true through all difficult times.

That first school dance so petty yet fun,
Those awkward attempts of dancing together,
Doing it just because it meant so much,
Two left feet banished by loving dedication.

Today I mourn the loss of a fine young man,
One that loved me beyond no doubt,
Steadfast and faithful, trusting and true,
For he is dead and gone, forever lost.

In his place a stranger, an impostor,
Acting in ways my love would never act,
A fool, a mockery, a murdering lie,
A traitor to the one I once dared to love.

I now see there is using in begging for change,
Set in new ways, and so unwilling to see,
The old was so much stronger than the new,
The loss of character so blatantly obvious.

Instead of the man that once was,
There is a child with a man's responsibility,
Unable to cope and living a lie,
The man died slowly, without realization of the truth.

So here is to the man that I once loved,
May he eternally rest in peace,
I raise my glass to my once-true love,
I will never, ever, forget you babe.

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Comments (2)

Very powerful and emotive.
...so i am not super sensitive...but your poem almost...made me cry...i am crying inside...if that really happened...i am so sorry...if it is fiction...my goodness...that is moving...thank you...