An Evening In The Desert

Poem By vijay gupta

An evening in the desert
Sun was going to set in the west.
It was an evening in the desert.
Camel riders were going to their hideouts.
Nights are for rest & sleep.
From a nearby bush, a pair of rabbit came out & run towards another bush.
They may be playing or
They were doing some arrangements for their night.
Night means not only the darkness but also question of survival arises there.
Because of some powerful insect could attack them
I saw some beautiful pigeons were coming from high sky to the branches of the tree.
It may be their hide out.
We were witnessing the arrangements of the nature.
How some set in the evening.
Light converts in the darkness.
All creatures along with human beings go to their hideouts for rest.
In the next morning scene changes itself and all arrangements goes in opposite direction.
It is the nature.
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Comments about An Evening In The Desert

An evening in the desert, moon light and star twilight was a romance night sound of music in the silent night in arms of your sweetheart you glow so cool An evening in the desert........ dear poet the poem was so romance that remains me the night in desert that past was so well written with expression of desert and its nature...with real feelings. excellent and very best poem.thanks for sharing this poem 10x 100

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