Connected Love

</></>Swaying beautifully I stare
Colors of purple violet with tranquil orange
It shimmers gently quixotic with you
My silhouette

Extravagant that the sun is harmony
Perfectly placed I'll swirl it lovingly
Glow conciliate the vows beneath my thoughts
My Eternity

Transcendence before my breath
Softly burning radiant surrender
I caressed your Essence into dim-light
My Ember

reluctant passing of darkened lips of depth
curable only by that of azure-teal eyes.
I Gathered from life's-water the beauty
of an oceans view, paired to elegance.
My Chalice

encompassed now beneath the event of night
Pleasantly quilted to a milky-way of dreams,
Tethered constellations and rapture
My Starlight

by Bradley Flowers

Comments (5)

The elegance of the sun-set time and the soothing impact of evening comes alive through the poem: Now in the sea's red vintage melts the sun, As Egypt's pearl dissolved in rosy wine,
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I like this poem
I like this poem, it's quite good
Marvellously set to music by Charles Griffes.