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An Evening
(19 March 1824 – 18 November 1889 / Donegal / Ireland)

An Evening

Poem By William Allingham

A sunset's mounded cloud;
A diamond evening-star;
Sad blue hills afar;
Love in his shroud.

Scarcely a tear to shed;
Hardly a word to say;
The end of a summer day;
Sweet Love dead.

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Comments (13)

This poet is an exemplar for economy of words. I salute him.
'The end of a summer day; Sweet Love dead. '..is really sad. Very nice poem indeed.
Sad blue hills! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A diamond evening Star, sad blues hills afar. Suggests, an unforgettable dazzling event. That's echo's the sounds of joy and laughter.
sunset's mounded cloud and diamond evening-star are both descriptive and satisfying as poetry. a fan of brevity, i like that about this poem. the last line lands on me with a thud and makes me appreciate the poem even more for the mystery it leaves me with, the wondering about what caused him to feel and write this. -gk
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