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An Everlasting Goodbye
JMB (February 13,1990 / Sydney)

An Everlasting Goodbye

Poem By Jessie Mahoney Bathis

After everything we’ve been through,
All that you have done.
I can not cope with this life,
Face it, you’re not the one.
As much as we may feel for one another,
Yearning for what we had before.
No more do we get along,
Always trying to settle the score.
Once upon a time love was true,
What we had was unforgettable.
I look back upon it now,
It’s all somewhat regrettable.
Together we fight,
But out hearts won’t let us part.
We’ve done nothing but bring each other down,
To leave, I must break my own heart.
It’s time to face the music,
Realisation of the truth.
Your heart owns me,
I can not be with or without you.
Time for a final glance,
We can not be together.
A last gaze into your eyes,
Goodbye forever.

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