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An Everlasting Grasp For More Than The Wicked
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An Everlasting Grasp For More Than The Wicked

This world has its moments...were...you need to experience it all...at once.
I feel that now.
Sitting here. in this unfamiliar, but welcoming house...I want it all.

Greedy, or not...it's what I want.
My boy friend. My Best friend.
My money he stole...my money they spent on clothes for her.
Strawberries and cantaloupe.

A massive array of intellectual people to tell me the views of the anti-goverment.

My doctrine in psychology.

A job.

A place to call my own.

A place to lay in what will be a spiritual place, only for you an me.

A simple smile bounding me to this life were love is said as simply as

Catching the eyes of loved ones as I dance to my bodies content and let loose with the biggest grin on my face.

Dreaming of an amazingly beautiful melody, strong in bass and soul.

Standing there, alone and scared...only worries are the ones I choose to accept.

Only hearts listening to the melody that they are looking for.

A lost sea of endless possibilities.

I want it.

I want more.

I want...you.

My knight in the semi shiny armor, handing my sunglasses to be content and happy with.

You are my sunshine sir.

My bright and shining star.

I want you.

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